The Public Is Tactical


By Marten Spångberg.

Abstract of the lecture Marten Spångberg will give in the morning of Saturday 12th of June in mov-s/madrid

This talk elaborates around notions of public and private spheres in relation to interventionist, and post-interventionist, artistic practices and their performative capacities in relation to institutional apparatuses. How can interventionist artistic practices of today perform an activational address that actualizes abstract collective emancipation? Under which circumstances can public domains be reclaimed through affective production, intensifying processes of individuation, thus facing our present predicament and acknowledging the privatization of the general intellect. This is an act of turning towards the inevitability of crisis, acting through excess, overflow and power.

Interventionist community work is never strategic in respect of a transparent situation of which we have full knowledge, on the contrary its responsibility is to fill the gap in our knowledge. Intervention thus functions as a generative principle of dissensus in the creation of differentiation of publicness and its spheres.

Mårten Spångberg is a performing artist, writer and editorial. He created his own work from 1994 with emphasis on the chorographical structures, and was entrusted as choreographer, for example, of the Ballet of Frankfurt. His work was presented in different European countries and he worked with choreographers like Xavier Le Roy and Les Ballets C of the B. Since 1996-04 he organized and curated the international performance / Dance Festival of Panacea and was nominated curator of performing arts at Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, 2001-04. He was visiting professor at the University of Giessen 2000-02, professor of P.A.R.T.S. 2001-06, and he teached at Art Academy of Maastricht, as well as at Theatre Real School of Stockholm.


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