The spectator participation in the work of Granhøj Dans


By Palle Granhøj. Palle is the artistic director and choreographer of Granhøj Dans (Denmark) and will be at the mov-s/madrid “Projects Presentation” session on Friday June 11 at 16:00 pm

Dance as an art form in Denmark faces today an underlying dilemma that requires a radical change in its communication strategy with regard to the public.
The conventional media such as the radio, television and specially the newspapers offer less and less space to the art and culture. At the same time, these are no longer effective means of contact with the public of not-massive artistic genres such as theatre, dance, performance, etc.
As a result, the company Granhøj Dans has initiated, with quite good results, a communication strategy that has led it to dispense altogether with the usual channels mentioned above. In this way the ads, distribution of posters, press releases, etc., are no longer the pathways through which the company attempts to attract the public. Instead, it makes use of forms of direct and personal communication that instead of only going in one direction, open to a dialogue, based on the developing of a close relationship, trust, respect and mutual interest.
The audience has always had a central place in the works by Granhøj Dans, who has experimented with different ways to enable their active participation in the show. But the company has observed that for today’s audiences is not enough to get involved to some extent in the show or just be the viewer of a given act, ie to be the user of a consumption product, somehow detached from his person. On the contrary, they are keen in to being part of a more substantial aspect of the creation, come into the group’s work, feeling more integrated and committed to the artist and the process of developing the work. Therefore, the company now devotes great efforts to develop a new and increasingly more effective way to involve its audience in the work, at every possible level.


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